The 13 Worst People That Show Up At Every Party…Without Fail.

No matter what size your social circle is, there’s going to be a time in your life when you will need to bring that circle together for an event. Throwing a shindig may sound good in theory…until you realize just who you need to invite.

We all have those friends who, for whatever reason, just can’t seem to show up in a timely manner and act accordingly. (Or maybe you ARE that friend.) But either way, these 13 people are the worst when it comes to planning a party.

1.) The One Who Is Perpetually Late

Owning a watch won’t help them. No matter how clear you were about when your party started, they’ll be late. (Sigh!) For this friend, arriving on time is a statistical impossibility.

2.) The One Who Always Claims To Be 5 Minutes Away

This is the friend that says they “just left,” but you know they’re still binge-watching Mad Men on Netflix. If they say they’re “on their way,” what they actually mean is “LOL, I’m still in my pajamas.”

3.) The One Who Shows Up Way Too Early

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Almost worse than the friend that shows up late, this friend arrives 2 hours before you’re even ready…and they are the ones that get to act shocked. It’s embarrassing for everyone, but you still tell them you don’t mind. (At least they can help you get ready.)

4.) The One Who Doesn’t Understand The Invite

This is the friend that shows up to your party totally underdressed (and confused). They may even seem genuinely surprised when you have to explain what the party is to them. Typically, their party “game face” is set to “vaguely confused.”

5.) The One Who Is Constantly Lost

At one point, you might be inspired to buy this friend a compass and never rest until they know how to use it. No matter how many maps they own, they’re always lost. They can never seem to find your place no matter how clear the directions. It’s almost a superpower.

6.) The Overanxious Host

If you’re an anxious host, you might need to do some breathing exercises or take up yoga. These hosts are worried about the time, the theme, their hair, the food, the drinks and everything in between. Just breathe!

7.) The One Who Brings Extra People

So maybe they didn’t understand the purpose of an RSVP. Maybe they didn’t realize you only have so many chairs. Regardless of the specific lapse in judgment, this friend usually shows up with a totally unexpected entourage.

8.) The One Who Flakes

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Ah yes, the flaker. This is the Invisible Man of your group. No matter how many times they RSVP or swear they’re on their way, they never quite make it. Or, if they did, they must be invisible.

9.) The One Who Constantly Asks For Updates

“So, who’s going?…What time are they getting there?…What is everyone wearing?” This friend can’t ask enough questions…because they have no idea if they’ll actually show up. They’ll keep asking detailed questions until the very last minute.

10.) The One Who Needs You To Hold Their Hand

Sure, maybe your invitation was perfectly clear that you’re the “third house on the left.” That won’t be enough for this friend. They’ll call and text you every step of the way. Get ready to act as their personal GPS.

11.) The One That Forgets To Bring Food

You made sure the original invitation said BYOB or “bring a snack!” Unfortunately, they arrive without snacks. Do they think you’re made of chip dip?

12.) The One You Awkwardly Forgot To Invite

…but they show up anyway. You meant to invite them. You really did. But then they heard about the party through the grapevine and tagged along with a mutual friend. Enjoy that 7-14 minutes of awkwardness!

13.) The One Who Is Too Hyped Up About The Party

Ah, yes, the adult equivalent of “are we there yet?” They’re so psyched about your party, they can’t stop texting. They tell you how excited they are every hour, on the hour. Sadly, this also means your phone is blowing up until it’s show time.

No matter how much your friends frustrate you, they’re still your friends. Sure, they can make you want to pull out your hair, but at least there’s hope for them (and you, if you’re guilty of being any of these people). After all, you’re inviting them for a reason!


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