Saturday August 10,2013 BBQ @RIKKY’Z

Richly indulge yourself in a SENSATIONAL experience!

On 1700m altitude in the HEART of the mountain, rises RIKKY’Z, the biggest Wooden House in the Middle East, located in Faraya, 45 minutes away from Beirut. Whether in the indoor space, the terrace, or the garden, RIKKY’Z is your perfect GETAWAY with unmatched components.

Surrounded by the BREATHTAKING VIEWS, RIKKY’Z has combined for you an EXQUISITE food menu, GREAT atmosphere and INCOMPARABLE music…

From a full course service to buffet dining, from a ROMANTIC dinner to the HOTTEST party, RIKKY’Z is open all year round to satisfy all your senses with the ULTIMATE experience


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