Situated in “Jal El Dib” on the seaside, 13 The Club offers unique live shows of entertainment and music. The cuisine is specialized in authentic menu of food. Our original recipes blend the flavors, allowing diners to enjoy delectable food while enjoying the truly unique and beautiful shows.

13 The Club is an entertaining experience. It is a mix of incomparable cuisine and entertainment, providing the best of both worlds. The venue is actually a combination of two floors. All embedded in amazing atmosphere with a stage in the middle and live entertainment.

We proudly offer you a refreshing alternative to conventional nightlife, providing award winning live musicians performing a selection of international music always complemented by an original way of performing to interact with our clients.


Thirteen, the infamous number, is the name of a new band and also of its first recent musical release. But, mind you, the infamy ends here. 13, the band, is made up of musicians who play occidental music in a new “Occidentalized” fashion as well as Oriental music in an original “Occidentalized” fashion. It boasts many singers who are as dazzling singing occidental as Oriental. Thirteen, the album, is the band’s first CD to hit the public scene with a Cuban singer.



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